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Documentary Film | 43 min | Language: Swedish | 2019 | Director: Antonie Frank Grahamsdaughter
When the eco-philosopher Lars Larsen embarks on a crusade against the church and consumerism, artist and filmmaker Antonie Frank Grahamsdaughter decides to follow and document him, a close portrait built over ten years.
About Uprising:
Lars has settled in a forest outside Stockholm. He has dug a hut under the ground not to be discovered. Here he has created a free space for his philosophy and his freedom. He starts a rebellion against parishes in Stockholm and in Jönköping, by visiting churches and staging protest actions in the middle of sermons. In some newspaper articles he is called the "rebellious monk". Lars preaches himself, standing on drawers or in free churches where he is admitted.
Director Antonie Frank Grahamsdaughter
Antonie Frank Grahamsdoughter is an artist, filmmaker, freelance journalist, film critic and film teacher.
She is educated at the Art Academy's video department, Jan Van Eyck Academy / Time Based Art and Konstfack / MFA. In 1996, she received FilmForm's honorary scholarship for experimental film art. In 2016, she was recognized by EWVA European Women Video Artist, as an innovative pioneer in video art. Her reports and articles, as well as her latest films - "In case of Detroit", "Studies of resistance" and "Under the Mulberry Tree" - revolve around vulnerability, racism and colonialism.
Between 2006 and 2016 she followed and filmed Lars Larsen on his various rebellions against the church and the consumption society.
Directed, filmed & edited by: Antonie Frank Grahamsdaughter
Soundmix: Per-Henrik Mäenpää
Subtitles: Lars Tillberg Galsgaard
Produced by: Andreas Nordblom
Production Company: Hjärta Nikki
Cast: Lars Larsen
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