Experimental Short | 7.30 min | Language: Swedish | 2019 | Directors: Sandra Isacsson & Caroline Wallén

In a bizzare inversion of the male gaze, a group of middle aged men are cast in a music video, all given the same instructions by the female directors: eat bananas in front of the camera.

Director Sandra Isacsson is an artist and filmmaker. She holds an BA from University of arts Stockholm, Sweden and has also studied at International Center of Photography in New York. Her film “Males” (2016) won the “Folkets Bio”-award at the Stockmotion Film festival, Stockholm, Sweden.

Director Caroline Wallén is an artist and filmmaker. She holds a diploma in digital media from Hyper Island vocational university. She made her directorial debut with the documentary feature film “The dream of a national team” (2017).

Directors Sandra Isacsson & Caroline Wallén on the idea behind Maneater:

“We got the idea for the movie during a conversation that we had about sexism in the history of film. One of the most glaring examples we could think of was a scene from ‘Lolita’ - when she eats a banana. Pop-culture not only depicts the banana as a sexual object but also loves to put things in women's mouths. We wanted to reverse that concept and to put a man in that position within the narrative of a short film. What happens if we objectify a man as they did with Lolita?”

Photo slideshow - from film shoot to premiere!

"Maneater" wrapped production in spring 2019 and has been in competition on film festivals around the globe ever since. From premiere at VIS Vienna, to Interfilm Berlin, Oslo/Fusion, 20minmax, Diametrale, Experimental Forum, Indie Visions, London short, Moscow Filmparty and more. 

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