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Documentary/Animation | 20 min | Language: Swedish | Directors: Sandra Isacsson & Henrik Ekesiöö | In pre-production, test filming is in progress

Scenes from a marriage meet Toni Erdmann in this experimental and humorous short film about the lack of lust.  


Live action/Animation  | 5 min | Language: Russian | Director: Elin Jönsson | In development

In a worn, cramped apartment in central Moscow, a censorship adjuster from the Soviet era is faced with tricky questions from a Swedish reporter, when a hummingbird suddenly appears. Inspired by a true story.


Live action/Animation documentary | 10 min | Language: Swedish | Director: Andreas Nordblom | In development

An experimental documentary portrait of a tricky father on the streets of Fuengirola.

TONIE (working title)

Feature-lenght live action drama | Language: English/French/Ojibwa | Director: Antonie Frank Grahamsdaughter | In development

A road movie about a young Canadian-Swedish woman seeking out her estranged father deep in the Canadian landscape, discovering her true heritage and family - an autobiography by Antonie Frank Grahamsdaughter. 


THEY BRING US GIFTS (working title)

Feature-length live action drama | Language: Uzbek | In development

A family drama set in the outskirts of the oppressive and closed down society of Uzbekistan.

MYSTERY GIRL (working title)

Feature-length live action drama | Language: Chinese | In development

A superstar in the fashion subculture of Hong Kong finds herself spiraling out of control.


Feature-length live action | Musical /Sci-Fi | In development

An epic adventure on a mysterious planet somewhere in the treacherous cosmos.

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