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Work title: Kurt & Vanja | Experimental Comedy* | 90 min | Director: Andreas Nordblom | Production budget: est. 1.000.000€ | Prel. filming: 2024 | Language: French/Japanese (+ more) | Status: In early development | Looking for: Financing/producer/distributor |  World sales: Available
*experimental film because the artists are real artists, acting as themselves.
An experimental comedy about a couple looking for a fresh start who are commissioned by a magazine to go on the road interviewing artists about their art, but their romantic work trip quickly turns into a nightmare at their first interview, when they meet famous artist Photographer Hal - who convinces them to be vacuum packed and photographed as part of his latest project.
A film about complicated love and art, with real artists acting as themselves.

Tagline: First they had a love problem, then they got vacuum packed, what's next?
Director Andreas Nordblom and his film project "Kurt & Vanja" were selected for the program "Talent to Watch" 2021 for emerging talents by Swedish Film on Gotland.
Director and screenwriter Andreas Nordblom:

(b. 1978) is a Swedish producer, screenwriter and director. After film school, he worked as a freelance editor in the television industry for fifteen years. In 2016, he started the film production company "Hjärta Nikki", to produce documentary and fiction films.

Director & screenwriter:

"Vanja is vacuum packed with Kurt" (2023, 11 min, drama) 
"At the bar" (2022, 3:30 min, drama)
"Hotel" (2022, 2:40 min, drama)
"My friend's car" (2021, 5 min, drama)
Andreas Nordblom
Directors vision:

The story of "Kurt & Vanja" is inspired by true stories from my upbringing, about art and artists who were close to me, stories about Paris in the 60s and 70s. One of them stood out and got me very interested - she was a reporter and later became an artist herself, that person inspired Vanja's character. She is the real protagonist and star of this movie. Going back to the artists, for me it have always been a kind of behind-the-scenes experience. I think that for the characters in this film, there is an outsider perspective that more often than not, leads to misunderstandings and funny situations. Such is the case with Kurt and Vanja, who have difficulty understanding and portraying these artists. It barely works. A kind of makeshift trip.

Tonally, "Kurt & Vanja" is an energetic and colorful film, a drama that almost looks like a documentary in its own reality. The film draws inspiration from the early films of Wong Kar-Wai,  "Toni Erdmann" by Maren Ade,  "Thalasso" by Guillaume Nicloux and "Deerskin" by Quentin Dupieux. The humor is kind of offbeat, shifting at times, like you don't know if it's a joke or not.
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