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Vacuum packed
Vanja is vacuum packed with Kurt | Experimental Comedy* | 11 min | Sweden | Language: French/Japanese | 2023 | Director: Andreas Nordblom
*experimental film because the artists are real artists, acting as themselves.
Kurt and Vanja are supposed to interview a painter, but when he turns out to be too drunk, they instead get the chance to meet the famous Japanese artist Photographer Hal (via online meeting) if they first pose as models in his latest art project.

Tagline: Who Would You Have A Vacuum With?
Director and screenwriter Andreas Nordblom:

(b. 1978) is a Swedish producer, screenwriter and director. After film school, he worked as a freelance editor in the television industry for fifteen years. In 2016, he started the film production company "Hjärta Nikki", to produce documentary and fiction films.

Between producing short films and taking on assignments as an editor, Andreas began writing what would become Kurt and Vanja's characters. But something was missing. It wasn't until the Japanese Photographer Hal caught his attention that the missing piece was put in place - to vacuum pack people - and the first concept was on the way: "Vanja is vacuum packed with Kurt".
Director & screenwriter:

"Vanja is vacuum packed with Kurt" (2023, 11 min, drama) 
"At the bar" (2022, 3:30 min, drama)
"Hotel" (2022, 2:40 min, drama)
"My friend's car" (2021, 5 min, drama)
Andreas Nordblom
Directors vision:

The story of "Vacuum packed" is inspired by the art of Photographer Hal in combination with true stories from my upbringing, about art and artists who were close to me, stories about Paris in the 60s and 70s. Often dark stories, but also full of humor. I think that for the characters in this film, there is an outsider perspective that more often than not, leads to misunderstandings and funny situations. Such is the case with Kurt and Vanja, who have difficulty understanding and portraying these artists. In the film, there is some kind of external force at play between Kurt and Vanja and the art and the artist's. Some kind of enabler or escalating element that pushes Kurt and Vanja's relationship further and takes it in unpredictable directions.
VAKUUM poster

Written, Directed, Produced & Edited By:
Andreas Nordblom
Simon Averin Markström
Focus puller: Filip Önell
Christoffer Baeza Jiménez
Grade: Staffan Enström
Soundmix: Anders Nyström
Sophie Säther Mahfouf
Script Consultant: Pauline Wolff
Production Company:
Hjärta Nikki

Joséphine Wistedt
Björn Sällqvist
Mikael Goralski
Henrik Ekesiöö

Special Guest:
Photographer Hal
This film was financed with support by Swedish Region Gotland and Film på Gotland, filmcommissioner Vilhelm Jegerhjelm.
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